All Access Music's Q&A with Australian pop rock band, At Sunset!
Tuesday 10 June 2014

Q&A with Australian pop rock band, At Sunset!
By : Nicole DeRosa

At Sunset are one of Australiaís hottest up and coming bands. In the 2 years since going online the band have AMASSED 5.1 Million views on YOUTUBE, 329,520 combined TWITTER followers, 250,000 (and growing) combined FACEBOOK likes, and an ever increasing army of fans globally and just dropped their new single in America, entitled, ďBACK IN TIMEĒ.

At Sunset feature brothers Harrison Kantarias (Vocals), Andrew Kantarias (Vocals & Keys) and best friend Tom Jay Williams (Guitar & Drums).

All three boys have been around music all their life through various school bands, high school musicals and finally through the experience they are sharing now. While the two boys went to different schools in the neighborhood they were always aware of each otherís musical ability, so it was fate that ultimately brought them together.

When they finally did meet, they decided to jam and quickly began performing at open mic nights around Adelaide. Their popularity soon grew so they decided to take practice a little more seriously.

Harrison, Andrew and Tom recently dropped by the All Access Music Group office in Malibu for a chat with writer, Nicole DeRosa.

How would you describe your music? Why is that At Sunset style?

We are very much Pop/Rock with our own twist.

What is your favorite song on your album? Why?

I think our favorite has to be BACK IN TIME itís our first single so itís pretty special to us.

What were the others names you were going to call your band?

I donít really remember, we always wanted SUNSET so we trailed lots of names before it and eventually found ďATĒ.

What do you think is the best new band out there right now? (or) favorite bands and influences?

Rixton are very cool and we all have different inspirations for example, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars even the Jonas brothers.

Do you have any hidden talents we donít know about?

Um Tom is a wicked table tennis playerÖ haha

Where did you grow up? How did your location influence your style?

We all grew up with very family orientated backgrounds so to be honest we were always supported with whatever we decided.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what are the 3 things you would want to have with you?

A guitar , Soccer ball, Tent

Who is your celebrity crush and why?

We all can just agree on Miranda Kerr. I think you can all see the reason.

So how is it being in a band with a sibling? Upside? Downside? Any recent funny stories you can share?

Haha oh the stories. Itís cool having your bro experiment everything with you and we let frustrations out on each other. Sometimes we play lots of pranks on each other. Checkout our Twitter and Instagram @bandatsunset to see who is winning.

When you guys are not busy performing, touring or writing what do you all do for fun?

We like to just go out and see what is happening in the city or play Xbox, hangout with family and friends.

Whatís up next for At Sunset?

Well our song is hitting radio and then hopefully a summer tour then drop our debut album.

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